Kim Ji-yeon (33) pledged victory ahead of her confrontation with ‘No Show’ Mandy Böhm (33, Germany).

Kim Ji-yeon will face Boehm at the undercard of ‘UFC Fight Night: Rosenstruk vs Almeida’ held at the Charlotte Spectrum Center in North Carolina, USA on the 14th (Korean time).메이저놀이터

Kim Ji-yeon and Boehm engaged in a fierce battle of nerves in the face-off that followed after weighing in at 126 pounds each on the 13th.

When Kim Ji-yeon rushed at Boehm, who had finished the weigh-in first, he pushed her head in without losing Boehm. She had to be stopped by UFC President Dana White from the middle.

The reason Kim Ji-yeon was angry was because of Boehm’s rude attitude. The two were scheduled to meet on February 5th. However, Boehm suddenly gave up participating in the match three hours before the competition after showing allergy symptoms after the weigh-in.

Kim Ji-yeon expected an apology, but Böhm left for Germany without mentioning it. Feeling disrespected by this, Kim Ji-yeon posted on SNS, “Don’t run away.”

Boehm had horns like Boehm. Boehm, who has been bedridden for three weeks due to severe allergy symptoms, is angry at Kim Ji-yeon for treating her as a fugitive.

Ahead of the long-awaited rematch, Kim Ji-yeon expressed her determination, saying, “I will prepare harder and win for sure. I will carefully put one shot at a time and make them retreat.”

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