The New York Yankees and Glaber Torres avoided the salary adjustment process and signed the contract, stepping back from each other., which delivers news on the American professional baseball major league (MLB), reported on the 30th (Korean time) that the Yankees and Torres signed a one-year contract worth 9.95 million dollars (12.2 billion won).

In the meantime, Torres wanted 10.2 million dollars (12.5 billion won), and the Yankees offered 9.7 million dollars (11.9 billion won), a tight tug-of-war. It looked like they would go through an annual salary adjustment process over the difference of 500,000 dollars (600 million won), but they found a middle ground and agreed to a contract.

The Venezuelan native Torres made his MLB debut with the Yankees in 2018 and has consistently held the second base spot. He played five seasons with the Yankees, posting a career batting average of .265. Except for 2020 and 2021, which were his shortened seasons, he also hit 20 or more homers in the other two seasons.

Signing a contract with Torres 먹튀검증 allowed the Yankees to maintain a stable infield. Beyond stability, infield resources are overflowing.

With general manager Brian Cashman declaring Josh Donaldson as a built-in third baseman, Anthony Rizzo is likely to be appointed as the starting first baseman. Also, Isaiah Cainerpalepa is expected to be used as the shortstop, and Torres is expected to be the starting second baseman.

In addition, DJ Lemeille can play in all infield positions except shortstop, and prospects Oswald Pereza and Anthony Wolf are also eager to grow one step further through this spring camp. In addition, Oswaldo Cabrera is also positioned as a utility player who can serve as second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop.

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