Korean women’s handball signboard Ryu Eun-hee (33) has signed an extension contract with the Hungarian Dory Club.

On the 8th (Korean time), Gyori Club스포츠토토 signed a two-year contract with Ryu Eun-hee, whose contract ends in the summer. The 2023-2024 season guarantees her contract, and the 2024-2025 season is an option. 1 + 1 year form of contract,” he said.

National team ace Ryu Eun-hee entered Europe in 2019 through Paris 92 in the first division of France, and wore a uniform from 2021.

Ryu Eun-hee scored 168 goals in 62 appearances in her career in her doctrine.

Gyo-ri said, “Ryu Eun-hee is always a humble and hard-working player.”

Ryu Eun-hee said, “I am happy to continue working together. I will continue to do everything for the success of the team.”

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