Will I repeat the mistakes of winter? While Atletico Madrid are reluctant to pay Lee Kang-in’s buyout, Aston Villa is actively courting him.

Lee Kang-in is the core of Mallorca this season. He is practically responsible for Mallorca’s offensive operations, amassing double-digit offensive points with six goals and four assists. In particular, he was active in all directions, including the recent dribble wonder goal against Getafe, and was nominated for La Liga April Player of the Month and La Liga Team Midfielder of the Year category.

Several clubs are already interested. The interest in the English Premier League (EPL) is the hottest. Many clubs, including Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United, are watching Lee Kang-in’s situation.

The same goes for Spain and Italy. In Spain, Atletico and Real Betis are considering signing Lee Kang-in. Napoli, the champion of Serie A this season, also put Lee Kang-in, a Korean, on the list to continue the ‘Kim Min-jae effect’.

In the past, Atletico was likely. The fact that there is no need to adapt to the league as the same Spain, the fact that it has participated in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for 11 consecutive seasons, the fact that coach Diego Simeone prefers a midfielder who can play both the center and the side It was because.

On the 28th of last month (Korean time), reporter Matteo Moreto of ‘Lellebo’, which has high public confidence in Spanish football, reported, “Atletico is trying to recruit Lee Kang-in. Coach Simeone sent an ‘OK’ sign to Lee Kang-in.” It seemed that Lee Kang-in’s trip to Atletico was becoming visible.

Things have changed a bit lately. On the 13th, Spain’s Marca said, “When the rumor of Lee Kang-in’s transfer came out, Atlético said, ‘We do not want Lee Kang-in at that price (buyout)’ among the leaders.” 26.2 billion won).

He added, “Lee Kang-in received an offer from Atletico. However, Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee must be formed below 10 million euros (approximately 14.5 billion won) so that he can become an Atletico player.”

In the meantime, the villa came up. Spain’s ‘Estadio Deportivo’ said on the 14th, “Villa has been watching Kang-in Lee and is willing to pay the buyout. Villa coach Unai Emery and director Mateu Alemani are leading the competition to recruit Lee Kang-in.” Reported.스포츠토토

Atletico are in danger of repeating the ‘mistake of the winter’. Atlético was able to recruit Lee Kang-in in the winter transfer market, but even at that time, they stuck to 10 million euros and eventually had to give up on Lee Kang-in.

There are many more competitors this time around. Even if Atletico does not recruit, the release clause of 18 million euros for EPL clubs, including Villa, is by no means a burdensome amount. If the local report that Atletico still wants Lee Kang-in is true, Atletico should take a more progressive move.

In this regard, France’s ‘Foot Mercato’ said on the 15th, “Atletico has already been mentioned in transfer rumors related to Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter. It was considered an expensive price,” he said, adding that Atletico was hesitant to sign Lee Kang-in due to the issue of the amount.

Spain’s ‘Football España’ also said, “Considering that EPL teams will have little trouble paying Lee Kang-in’s release clause, Atlético risks missing out on signing Lee Kang-in this summer. This is unbelievable.” Atletico warned that Lee Kang-in could be taken away while hesitating.

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