The momentum of Naju Gwangnam High School, which is in its third year of existence, is frightening. Naju Gwangnam High School defeats ‘Incheon giants’ Incheon High School and Changwon Technical High School in turn at the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Championship held at Gyeongju Baseball Park to advance to the third round.

Naju Gwangnam High School, which predicted a storm by beating Incheon High School 5-2 in the first round on the 25th, won a dramatic 7-6 victory after 10 overtime matches against Changwon Technical High School on the 29th. Compared to Changwon Technical High School, which went through the first game with a bye and came up without losing power, the match against Incheon High School was an all-out battle. In particular, the first starter Bae Si-jun recorded 100 pitches and was unable to pitch, so it was a difficult victory. 안전놀이터

The coach of Gwangnam High School is veteran coach Heo Se-hwan, who was appointed in 2022. He coached for 26 years at his alma mater Gwangju Ilgo and Inha University. In particular, when he was coaching Gwangju Ilgo, he became famous for nurturing major leaguers such as Seo Jae-eung, Kim Byung-hyun, and Choi Hee-seop.

He resigned from Inha University in February 2022 after reaching retirement age. Love calls came in from various places as if they were waiting for director Heo to appear in the market. The place he chose was Gwangnam High School near his hometown, Gwangju, and in the end, he showed his true value once again at the E-Mart Bae High School Baseball Championship.

Coach Heo, after taking up Naju Gwangnam High School, focused on basic skills and physical training with the idea of ​​starting over from the beginning. He credited the team for the promotion of this tournament, saying, “The players were exhausted, but they trusted and followed without complaint.”

Coach Huh said, “It is my hope to make the Kwangnam High School baseball team a team with strong stamina and solid fundamentals, a team that is faithful to the process rather than the result, and a team that is strong with training tailored to each player’s ability.”

Coach Heo, who is chasing the two rabbits of training and performance, said, “I will try to play Gyeonggi-do with Deoksu High School on the 1st of next month without regret.”

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