Why was Park Joon-yeong (26), who received a long-term rehabilitation opinion among many players? The reward player selected amid controversy is giving off the scent of fortune as time goes by.

Doosan Bears named infielder Park Joon-young as a compensation player for Park Se-hyuk, who obtained FA qualification on December 2 last year and transferred to the NC Dinos. Park Se-hyuk, who signed an FA contract with NC for a total of 4.6 billion won over 4 years, is grade A, and Doosan can receive 200% of Park Se-hyuk’s previous annual salary (300 million won) at the time and one player other than 20 protected players or 300% of the annual salary. there was. Doosan, who received a list of 20 protected players, chose the former after much consideration and reinforced the infield.온라인카지노

Park Joon-young left Gyeonggi High School and received the NC 1st nomination in the 2016 rookie draft. At that time, he was a pitching prospect who threw a fastball in the mid-140 km range. And in the first year, he left a possibility with an average ERA of 6.95 with 1 win, 3 losses and 5 holds in 32 games. However, he underwent elbow surgery later in the season, and decided to become a hitter while serving in the military as a community service worker.

Park Joon-young has been playing as a batter since the 2020 season. In terms of defense, he played both pitcher and shortstop in high school, so he played shortstop without much difficulty. However, he did not stand out much, leaving a low performance with a batting average of 2.7, 109 hits, 12 homers, 53 RBIs and 12 stolen bases in 221 games. The 2022 season also had a batting average of 201, 6, 4 home runs and 19 RBIs in 75 games.

In addition, Park Joon-young underwent surgery for a dislocated shoulder on October 12 and was a player undergoing rehabilitation at the time of nomination as a compensation player. At the time of the surgery, he underwent a long-term rehabilitation for 8 months, and accordingly, he was classified as a player who could return only in the second half of the 2023 season.

Nevertheless, a Doosan official who boldly nominated Park Joon-young said at the time, “We have enough beast power until the first half of next year. If I prepare well after returning, I wonder if it will play a sufficient role in the second half,” he said. I also had a good conversation with the director. It is still young, so I think it will get better if I prepare for another 2-3 years.”

Park Joon-young showed a faster-than-expected recovery and appeared on the Futures League stage in mid-May, not the second half. It took a considerable amount of time to raise the sense of actual combat due to a long gap, but after a multi-hit game in Goyang on June 22, he got a feel for it, and in July, he batted 40% in 4 games (6 hits in 15 at-bats), 3 home runs, 4 RBIs, and swung a hard hit on the 7th. Finally, he was called by director Lee Seung-yeop.

Park Joon-young’s batting also worked at Jamsil Stadium. On the 7th, the first game of the 3-game series in Jamsil Kiwoom, he played as a substitute with the first team registration and hit a double, and had an intense transfer declaration ceremony. and led the team to 8 consecutive victories. He was a big hit, missing a double on a cycling hit.

Doosan suffered FA leaks every year, but the last case in which the compensation player was successful in 2019 was Lee Hyeong-beom, the’Yang Eui-ji compensation player’. Afterwards, Kang Seung-ho (Choi Joo-hwan compensation), Park Gye-beom (Oh Jae-il compensation), Park Jeong-soo (Lee Yong-chan compensation), and Kang Jin-seong (Park Kun-woo compensation) wore Doosan uniforms in turn, but failed to show off their success story-level skills.

Meanwhile, Park Joon-young appeared like a comet and is showing signs of writing a success story as a reward player in four years. Of course, there are still 3 matches for the 1st team, but the start is refreshing. Attention is focusing on whether Doosan’s selection seven months ago can be evaluated as a ‘God’s move’.

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