It seems that the fans of the Hanwha Eagles, who are called ‘stone Buddhas’ in the baseball world, are very angry because they did not leave the team even at the bottom for 10,000 years.

On the afternoon of the 15th, some Hanwha fans held a truck protest in front of the Hanwha headquarters in Jangjang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. They posted on the truck’s electronic board, “On the day of the winning streak, the manager is hard, the front desk is not working”, “If you do well, the front desk’s virtue, if not, it’s the manager’s fault?” etc., and demanded the resignation of the front desk of the club.토스카지노

Hanwha fans who participated in the truck protest claimed that foreign players recruited by the front desk were sluggish and injured and were not contributing to the team’s power, and that manager Carlos Subero, not the front desk, took responsibility for this and that he was sacked.

Birch Smith, a foreign pitcher wearing a Hanwha uniform with high expectations as the first starter this season, had to leave the team after coming off the mound complaining of shoulder pain in the opening game. Brian O’Grady, a foreign player, played in 19 games and stayed in the 10% range (9 hits in 72 at-bats) and is not helping the other line.

In the end, some Hanwha fans who couldn’t stand it started a truck protest. The fans in question said, “I went to the truck protest to hold the front desk responsible for repeating habitual rigidity and habitual evasion of responsibility.”

Hanwha, who took first place in the demonstration game this season and expected different results than before, is in the lower ranks as they enter the regular season.

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