There was a hidden credit behind DB’s 3 consecutive victories. Shin Choong-seop, a member of the DB Secretariat, is the main character.

Wonju DB won 71-65 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Wonju General Gymnasium on the 26th. With the victory on this day, DB ran the first three consecutive wins in the Kim Joo-sung acting manager system.

During the three-game winning streak, manager Kim Joo-seong changed the atmosphere of the stagnant DB 180 degrees, and key players such as Lee Seon Albano and Kang Sang-jae stood out. However, there was also an ‘unsung hero’ who contributed to the team’s winning streak behind the scenes.

The main character is Shin Choong-seop, a senior in charge of marketing for the DB Promy Basketball Team Secretariat in Wonju, DB Insurance. 스포츠토토

In fact, a crisis occurred in the DB ahead of the game that day. The interpreter who helped Dewan Hernandez, Leonard Freeman, and Ethan Albano to communicate was absent due to health reasons. Senior Shin Choong-seop, who was fluent in English and experienced studying abroad in Australia, took over the acting job.

Senior Shin Choong-seop said, “The interpreter took a few days off due to sick leave. In fact, isn’t it an important time for the team after Kim Joo-sung took over as acting manager? He knew that the acting manager was actively preparing for each game, and he wanted to help even a little bit. Strictly speaking, rather than helping, I think I hoped that foreign players would not stray or have communication problems because of me (laughs).”

He continued, “I was worried, but I thought that basketball itself could become a universal language and communicate through various gestures. I think I hurriedly searched for and studied basketball terminology used in the United States for smooth communication,” he laughed.

There were concerns about communication between the three English-speaking players (Hernandez, Freeman, and Albano) and the coaching staff or domestic players, but as a result, there were no major obstacles. Rather, the three players dominated the opposing foreign players and took the lead in the team’s winning streak.

Albano played a big role with 15 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, while Hernandez and Freeman combined for 20 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. It was a DB English-speaking trio that boasted a perfect advantage over Murphy Holloway, Devon Scott, and Sam Joseph Belrangel, who scored only 14 points in total.

Senior Shin Choong-seop said, “Sitting on the bench and having a new experience, feeling every moment of the game on the field made me feel very attractive. It was good to see the players’ movements more closely, and he was proud to be able to help them. As a person who likes basketball, I want to make it a pleasant memory.”

Even in a kind of happening, DB continued its winning streak with the appearance of ‘unsung hero’. It remains to be seen whether the DB, which is becoming hardened under the acting system of Kim Joo-sung, can rise to a higher level.

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