Today (8th), the largest number of spectators since the coronavirus gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where a K-League match was held. Sangam bee became hot with the poetry axis of popular singer Lim Young-woong.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


A noticeably larger number of middle-aged female spectators than usual erupted in cheers and took pictures at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

A large number of fan clubs found the news of singer Lim Young-woong, a fan of FC Seoul.

In front of 45,000 spectators, the largest in professional sports since Corona, Young-woong Lim vigorously announced the start of the game and even held a half-time performance, 온라인카지노

[Young-woong Lim: I ask for your love for the K-League in the future. I will always support FC Seoul.]

In the game, Seoul players took turns becoming heroes.

Hwang Eui-jo reported a goal to return to the K-League with a penalty kick, and Na Sang-ho and Palosevich scored consecutive goals.

Seoul, who won 3-0, jumped two places to second place.

Ulsan defeated Suwon Samsung 2-1.

Rubiksson scored two goals to lead the team to a six-game winning streak.

Minjae Kim of Napoli, Italy, recorded his second assist of the season against Lecce. Kim Min-jae, who did his part in defense, broke the recent slump and received the highest rating for both teams, and Napoli, who won 2-1, took the lead by 19 points.

In the 18th minute of the first half, he delivered a measured cross to DiLorenzo’s head.

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