“I want to show a great pass and excellent shooting.”

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis defeated Wonju DB 89-75 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Regular League held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 16th. They have 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 matches. With 13 wins and 8 losses, it also maintained its sole second place.

The destructive power of Gage Prim (205cm, C) was still there. Prim recorded 25 points, 16 rebounds (attack 6), 5 steals and 1 assist in just 28 minutes and 22 seconds. Among the players on both teams, he monopolized the most points, the most rebounds, and the most steals.

Ronjay Avarientos (181cm, G) also played with excitement. He played very well with 21 points, 6 assists and 1 rebound in 30 minutes and 16 seconds. He ranked second among Hyundai Mobis players in scoring and, together with Ham Ji-hoon (198cm, F), achieved the most assists among players on both teams.

Avarientos’ competence came when it was important. When Hyundai Mobis was chased by 75-66, Avarientos broke DB’s rise with 4 consecutive points. So Avarientos’ four points in a row gave Hyundai Mobis a perfect victory.

After the match, Avarientos said, “In the last couple of games, there have been ups and downs. But before DB, from the beginning to the end, I did well without being vigilant. The players believe in the manager’s system, so I think we won.”

“When I practiced, I tried to focus on shooting. confidently. As the intensity gradually increased, I tried to move while overcoming it. I tried to shoot confidently,” he added.

After that, “the opponent’s defense presses harder than before. But I try to make the most of my team members. Because they believe in their team members. That’s why I’m trying to work harder.” He considered trust with his teammates as an important factor. 토토

Meanwhile, Avarientos is the only Asian Quarter player to go to the All-Star Game. Since Hyundai Mobis is in second place alone, Hyundai Mobis’s command tower, coach Dong-Hyun Cho, will also come together.

Avarientos expressed his desire to work with coach Jo Dong-hyun in the All-Star game, saying, “I want to be with him because he is the coach of our team.”

“(All-Star selection) is such an honor. You can also work with players on other teams. I want to show the fans a great pass and excellent shooting,” he said, honoring the All-Star selection. He was also firm in his commitment to play great for the fans.