Director Jang Chang-gon was delighted with the victory and expressed his anticipation for the joining of 10 people, including Byun Jun-hyung, who enlisted in May.

In the final of the 2022-2023 KBL D League 1st competition, Sangmu defeated Changwon LG and lifted the 12th championship trophy. Heo Hoon,스포츠토토 who recorded 15.5 points, 3.1 rebounds and 4.8 assists in an average of 30 minutes and 34 seconds in 8 D-League games, was selected as the MVP. In the game, he recorded 26 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 steals in 40 minutes. In response, Nak-Hyun Kim (16 points), Gyo-Chang Song (14 points), and Jung-Hyun Park (10 points) added to the performance, and Sangmu won 77-68.

After the game, the players put their hands together and congratulated themselves on the victory by rinsing coach Jang Chang-gon, the commanding tower of Sangmu. Coach Jang Chang-gon climbed high, and then was stepped on by the players. Coach Jang Chang-gon said, “I think the players did it more because they made a mistake today. If you look at your pants now, you can see that they have been stepped on. I’m going to watch a video to see who hit the most,” he joked.

Sangmu was ranked first in the 2019-2020 season and last season, but the league ended early due to Corona 19 and could not win the championship. The winning trophy was raised on this day for the first time in four years.

Coach Jang Chang-gon said, “The league ended early due to Corona 19, but now it has been greatly alleviated. There are a lot of fans thanks to Heo Hoon, so it would be nice to take this opportunity to do more activities for the development of basketball.”

Sangmu does not miss out on social contribution activities and is becoming a bridge between basketball and society. Regarding this, “I am going to Jeju Island for field training, and I plan to donate my talent during that period. Afterwards, we plan to continue to donate talents to schools across the country or by region.”

The discharge date for the current Sangmu players is November 15th. When asked about Sangmu’s plan before being discharged, coach Jang Chang-gon replied, “The current members plan to finish the cup competition and the national sports event before being discharged.”

In May, 10 people, including Byun Jun-hyeong of Anyang KGC, who is emerging as the league’s top guard, will enlist in Sangmu. Director Jang Chang-gon said, “I look forward to it. In the cup competition, we didn’t even win one, but we will go beyond one win and go up to the playoffs,” he said, revealing his expectations and aspirations.

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