Individual assaults and group harassment within the professional baseball SSG team have taken place, giving a great shock.먹튀검증

According to the Munhwa Ilbo coverage on the morning of the 10th, SSG 2nd infielder A recently gathered players younger than himself during lunch at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon and instructed them to do a group meal. The reason for being foolish was that infielder B, a rookie this year, ‘acted arrogantly’. But it didn’t end there. Pitcher C, who was fooled, used violence, blaming B for causing it.

The incident was revealed when a coach accidentally checked B’s physical condition. It is known that the coach reported this to the club’s leadership, and SSG immediately reported it to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Clean Baseball Center. KBO received a report from the SSG club and launched its own investigation. KBO is looking at this incident seriously because it was not just an idiot, but even an assault. A KBO official said, “We are currently conducting an in-depth investigation, and follow-up measures such as the reward and punishment committee will follow.”

In July 2020, when SSG was the predecessor of SK, an assault case in which senior players in the 2nd group inflicted physical punishment on juniors was known and caused controversy. SK recognized the fact belatedly and did not even report the incident to the KBO. At the time, the club said, “Even for the purpose of discipline, we will thoroughly manage the recurrence of corporal punishment within the team.” I will do it”, but it ended in an empty chant after 3 years.

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