A racist remark by a player of the professional soccer team Ulsan Hyundai is growing.

Not only the team, but also the Korean Football Association and the KFA are taking a hard look at the situation.

Kwak Jun-young is a reporter.


The comments came after Ulsan players praised Lee Myung-jae on social media following the team’s victory over Jeju on Oct. 10.안전놀이터

The teammates went on to make a series of Southeast Asian slurs against the dark-skinned Lee Myung-jae, saying, “The Southeast Asian quota is strong,” and referring to Sasalak, a Thai player who played for Jeonbuk.

Jung Seung-hyun, who appeared in the conversation, is the team’s captain, Lee Myung-jae, Park Yong-woo, and Lee Kyu-sung are vice-captains, and club employees also participated.

While Lee has since deleted the controversial post and Park Yong-woo has apologized, the fallout hasn’t subsided.

His team, Ulsan, issued an apology and even head coach Hong Myung-bo bowed out.

They are also reviewing their own discipline.

“We are also preparing a punishment committee within the club. Through discipline and education, we will raise awareness within the organization and take measures to prevent recurrence….”

The K League Baseball Federation is also working to find out the truth and plans to decide whether to hold a punishment committee as soon as it receives the report.

The league rules state that racist behavior can result in a suspension of more than 10 games or a fine of more than 10 million won.

For Ulsan, which is chasing the top spot, it would be a big blow if its main players are disciplined.

Park Yong-woo and Jeong Seung-hyun have been called up to the national team for two consecutive A matches, so Klinsmann is aware of the situation.

The Korean Football Association has said it will take action after an internal review, but there is also the possibility of dropping them from the national team.

Meanwhile, Sasalak, who was the victim of racism, posted a photo on social media of people wearing jerseys with his name on them during his time with Jeonbuk Hyundai, saying, “I’m proud of who I am.”

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