Park Seong-hyun was once the best female golfer in the world. In 2014, she debuted on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, and after winning 10 victories, she moved to the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA). Her adaptation was quick, even in America. Starting with her victory at the US Women’s Open, a major tournament she won in 2017, by mid-2019 she won 7 victories, including 2 majors, and she confidently climbed to the top of the world rankings. But her slump was prolonged after she suffered a shoulder injury in November 2019. To make matters worse for her, the spread of Corona 19 overlapped and her sick time became longer.

But she seems to be coming out of the tunnel of her recent long sluggishness. Last year, she competed in October, and at the KLPGA Tour Hite Jinro Championship, she climbed to third place, and she shot a flare of revival in 2023. Thanks to that, she welcomed the new year and even signed her contract with her new apparel sponsor, heralding a fresh start. She also set a clear goal of winning three. 카지노

Park Seong-hyun, who turned 30 this year, recently posted her first downfall of 2023 on her social media account with the caption, ‘I’m having the first year of the new year’. Unlike many of her people who welcome the sun rising on January 1st, Seonghyun Park expressed her unique personality through her photos. Many golf fans also found her social media and encouraged her by leaving comments supporting Park Seong-hyun, who pledged to revive her in 2023.

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