It pops up again when you forget. It’s about drunk driving. This time it’s handball.

Recently, a former national handball player named Kim drove while drunk in an alley in Jamsil, Seoul, injuring many bystanders. According to the police, the Songpa Police Station booked Mr. Kim on charges of driving under the influence of the Road Traffic Act and causing injury under the Act on Special Cases for the Handling of Traffic Accidents and is investigating. At the time of the accident, Kim’s blood alcohol level was 0.06%, equivalent to license suspension.

Kim, who played an active part in the Tokyo Olympics women’s handball national team, was injured during the domestic league season that opened last November and is known to be undergoing rehabilitation training. An official from her team, Samcheok City Hall, said, “We will discuss her disciplinary action once the police investigation is over.” An official from the Korea Handball Association also said, “We will make a decision after seeing the details of the police investigation and the disciplinary action of the team.” 바카라사이트

Her severe punishment seems inevitable. It is said that, of course, there was a human accident, and that Ms. Kim did not inform her team immediately after her accident. In the case of professional football, if the fact of drunk driving is not reported to the club and concealed, the disciplinary action can be increased.

This is not the only drunk driving problem among sports players. In July of last year, Kim Min-seok, a bronze medalist in the men’s 1500m speed skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, caused controversy by driving a car into the Jincheon National Training Center after drinking alcohol.

The same goes for pros. Last year, there were consecutive drunk driving accidents in professional soccer and professional baseball. In professional basketball, Cheon Ki-beom, Bae Kang-ryul, and Kim Jin-young have caused controversy over drunk driving in recent years. After Cheon Ki-bum retired, he moved to the Japanese league. Kim Jin-young added controversy by leaving only an apology on social media in the process of returning to the court after being disciplined. He even added to the problem by issuing an apology.

Drunk driving is a ‘potential homicide’. In recent years, the universal standard for drunk driving has completely changed. The standards for suspension of drunk driving licenses have also been significantly strengthened. Public officials are subject to a minimum pay cut even for the first drunk driving, and minimum suspension in case of damage to persons or property. The Korea Sports Association also subdivided the disciplinary standards for each violation related to drunk driving and drunk driving and strengthened the sentencing.

Each event organization is strengthening the punishment for drunk driving and conducting related education. However, the vicious cycle that bursts out when drunk driving is forgotten can not be broken. Officials at the scene said in one voice, “Drunk driving is not only a legal problem, but also a moral problem. Of course, it should not be done. Personal deviations should not cause problems again.”

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