There was a player I wanted during my time at Napoli and Tottenham…”

AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho directly solved the ‘seol’ that tried to recruit Kim Min-jae during Tottenham ahead of the match against Napoli.

AS Roma will go on an expeditio n to ‘League 1’ Napoli in the 20th round of Serie A, which will be held at 4:45 am (Korean time) on the 30th. 스포츠토토

Coach Mourinho made up his mind at the official press conference before the game on the 29th and brought up the story of Kim Min-jae. “I’ll tell you the story of one of the Napoli players,” said Son Heung-min’s best friend during the Tottenham command tower, and strongly wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae, the “Napoli Star”, but the Tottenham club offered half the transfer fee, revealing a’thrill’ that was canceled. “I talked to him via FaceTime and he said he wanted to sign for Tottenham, but Tottenham didn’t help me,” he criticized.

“The player’s transfer fee was 10 million pounds (approximately 15.3 billion won), but Tottenham offered only half of that, 5 million pounds (approximately 7.6 billion won). This was possible. But Tottenham didn’t have the money back then, unlike now. I had a conversation with Kim Min-jae over 2 or 3 FaceTime video calls, and Kim Min-jae also really wanted to come to Tottenham. But he couldn’t come. And now That ‘rubbish’ player you mentioned is Kim Min-jae, who is playing for Napoli right now.”

Mourinho’s unique vitriol, the expression of a ‘rubbish, crap’ player, has already proven his worth in the Korean national team along with ‘Tottenham ace’ Son Heung-min, and the Tottenham club, who did not recognize the uplifting defender he recognized long ago. It is an ironic method mixed with resentment towards him. Coach Mourinho did not forget to praise Kim Min-jae, whom he recognized early on as a “very outstanding player.”

Napoli recruited Kim Min-jae from Fenerbahce in the Turkiye League for 18 million euros (approximately 24.2 billion won) in July of last year, and Kim Min-jae, nicknamed the ‘Iron Pillar’, is recognized as the leading center back and world-class defender of Napoli, the league leader.

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