The Korea Volleyball Association prepared a meaningful event on the 21st.

The 2023 regular general meeting of delegates to deal with important agendas such as business performance and settlement review in 2022 and revision of the articles of incorporation, and the 2023 volleyball player’s pledge to award people and organizations that contributed to the development of volleyball in Korea over the past year and to unite and unite the volleyball family The night event will be held on the 21st at Cheongdam Hotel Riviera.

In particular, the ‘Volleyball Night’ event, which was not held from 2020 to 2022 due to the influence of Corona 19 and is held for the 카지노first time in three years this year, is expected to be a success with not only volleyball players but also related organizations, sponsors, and media. there is. We will also prepare various events and events.

Cho Yong-byeong, chairman of Shinhan Financial Group, will receive the Special Achievement Award. In addition, national volleyball sister Han Yoo-mi, KBSN sports commentator-Han Song-i (KGC Ginseng Corporation)’s parents, Han Seon-taek and Song Moon-hee, receive the Greatest Parent Award.

Kim Se-bin, a middle blocker in the third year of Hanbom High School, the daughter of KEPCO vice-captain Kim Chul-soo, receives a scholarship from the Korean Actors Association.

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