‘We are the best.’

The England 5th division club, which was acquired by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who is well known for starring in the movie ‘Deadpool’, is attracting attention every day in the local area for its extraordinary popularity and excellent results.

Founded in 1864, the oldest club in Wales and the third oldest in the world, Wrexham AFC boasts a popularity comparable to that of most English Premier League (EPL) clubs. Its popularity has skyrocketed since Reynolds and fellow actor Rob McElhenry bought ownership and became co-owners in November 2020.

Rexom’s social network service (SNS) total followers exceeded 1 million. There are about 322,000 people on Twitter, about 356,000 people on Instagram, and about 580,000 people on TikTok. The number of visits to Wrexham Wikipedia, which was only 16,181 in September 2019, increased by 4,902% three years later to 809,410. As of last year, the average number of visits per month was about 266,570. This is not much different from Son Heung-min’s team Tottenham (about 293,000 times). 카지노

It is analyzed that the airing of the FX documentary series ‘Welcome to Lexom’, which recorded Wrexom, and the recent outstanding performance are the reasons for its explosive popularity. Wrexham is leading the way with 20 wins, 5 draws, 2 losses and 65 points in 27 matches in the 2022-2023 season of the English 5th division (National League). They are tied on points with second-placed Notts County, who played one more game, and are two goals ahead on goal difference. For reference, Notts County has 2,778 TikTok followers.

The passion of owner Reynolds awakened the sleeping Wrexham. In an interview with ESPN, Reynolds said, “Two years ago, I didn’t have the same passion for sports as I do now. In a way, I see this as an epidemic. You can’t do great things without passion.” “We want to play in the Premier League. Why wouldn’t we shed our last drop of blood to get there?”

On the 8th, Wrexham secured a ticket to the round of 32 by winning 4-3 in the FA Cup round of 64 against Coventry (second division), a league level three levels higher. If they win in the Round of 32 against Sheffield United (Part 2) on the 30th, they will become the 11th Division 5 team to advance to the Round of 16 in FA Cup history. ‘The Associated Press’ paid attention to the sensation of Wrexham on the 27th, saying, ‘Wrexham is looking at the same ending as a Hollywood movie in the FA Cup.’

Reynolds said he watched the match against Coventry with his family, screaming and pacing around the table ‘like a tiger on a dope’. And these days, the citizens I met on the street talk about ‘Wrexom’ more than ‘Deadpool’, and talked about the amazing change in everyday life. Reynolds and McElhenry met King Charles III of England at Wrexham home stadium last December.

McElhenn, who appeared in the movie ‘The Devil’s Own’ and the drama ‘Game of Thrones’, said, “We got a good opportunity to invest in a club with a rich history and story.

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