The competition to win the English Premier League (EPL) is getting closer. Even the supercomputer put Arsenal and Manchester City on equal points.

Arsenal lost points again. Arsenal drew 2-2 with West Ham United in the 31st round of the EPL in the 2022-23 season held at the London Stadium in London, England on the 16th at 10:00 pm (hereinafter Korean time). With 23 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses (74 points), Arsenal only increased the gap with second place Man City (70 points) by one more point.

I couldn’t stand it for 2 games in a row. Against West Ham, who were in 15th place in the league, Arsenal seemed to have an easy victory with Gabriel Jesus’ opening goal in the 7th minute and Martin Odegaard’s additional goal in the 10th minute. However, they had to be satisfied with 1 point by conceding 2 points one after another. In particular, Saka’s missed penalty kick in the 7th minute of the second half was painful.

A move that contrasts with Man City. Man City are on a good run with a 10-game winning streak in all competitions. Even if it is limited to the league, it is a 6-game winning streak. It is following the trajectory of the last few seasons, winning several dramatic championships in the second half of the season.

The upcoming head-to-head match is the de facto ‘final’. Man City and Arsenal will face off on the 27th at the Etihad Stadium, Man City’s home ground, for the top spot in the league. Coach Pep Guardiola also expressed his anticipation for a come-from-behind victory, saying that this match was the “EPL final”. 먹튀검증

The result of the match will soon decide the direction of the championship. Man City, who has an overwhelming record of 11 consecutive league wins against Arsenal, is expected to dominate, but considering Man City’s tight schedule, it is difficult to predict the result easily.

It seems to be the same with supercomputers. England’s ‘The Sun’ released the final EPL rankings predicted by the supercomputer after Arsenal’s draw on the 17th.

Manchester City and Arsenal’s points were ‘tied’. The supercomputer predicted that Manchester City and Arsenal would earn 86.6 points. Analysts say that although Man City has a bit more victory, Arsenal, which has supplemented its points with a draw, will not be able to touch it.

‘The Sun’ placed Manchester City, who are currently ahead on goal difference, in first place. However, as the goal difference between Manchester City and Arsenal is 7 points, it is not an irreversible figure, so we need to keep an eye on future results.

Meanwhile, UCL predicted that Manchester United and Newcastle United would go up along with Man City and Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur predicted that they would fail to advance to the UCL in 6th place behind Brighton, and Liverpool rose to 7th place, a ranking that even the UEFA Europa Conference League could not guarantee.

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