Mallorca’s captain Antonio Rayo made a bitter noise to Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in, who is in his second season at Mallorca, is showing his presence on the La Liga and European stages in earnest for the 2022-23 season. Coach Javier Aguire put Lee Kang-in in the frontline or offensive midfielder with Bedat Muriki in earnest and maximized his offensive talent. This season, he has recorded 2 goals and 4 assists in 17 La Liga games and is in charge of the core of Mallorca’s attack.

However, recently, more and more clubs want Lee Kang-in. Newcastle United and Aston Villa, which have emerged as the emerging ‘wealthy clubs’ of the English Premier League (EPL), showed interest first. Following this, Feyenoord of the Netherlands also participated in the scouting match. 스포츠토토

A new landscape is being drawn recently. Reporter Matteo Moreto of Spanish media ‘Relevo’ said on the 26th (Korean time), “There are two clubs that have offered more than 10 million euros (approximately 13.4 billion won) for Lee Kang-in, Brighton and one anonymous club. Negotiations will continue,” he said.

Currently, one club in La Liga has been revealed to be Atletico Madrid, and in fact, it is said that two teams, Brighton and Atletico Madrid, are persuading Lee Kang-in to sign this winter transfer market with specific proposals. Here, Aston Villa, an existing competitor, is also preparing to compete.

However, Mallorca is in the position that there is no plan to send Lee Kang-in to the transfer market this winter. Head coach Javier Aguire said at a press conference for the last league game against Osasuna, “The transfer of Lee Kang-in and Bedat Muriki is already over. No one is leaving the team this winter.”

However, Lee Kang-in, contrary to the club, is showing a gesture that he wants to transfer. Although the official position has not yet been revealed, he has unfollowed the Mallorca club account on social media and expresses his longing for the transfer with his whole body.

As the question of whether Lee Kang-in would leave Mallorca grew, Mallorca’s captain Antonio Rayo came up with a word. Raiyo appeared on Spain’s ‘IB3 Radio’ and said, “Lee Kang-in has to do his best until the last moment. If the club wants to sell him, the transfer will be done. However, what Lee Kang-in has to do now is to maintain the best game in the game.” .

Raiyo then cited the example of former Mallorca teammate Brian Olivan. Olivan’s contract with Mallorca expired just before the end of last season, and his move to Espanyol was confirmed before the start of the next season. Raiyo added, “Lee Kang-in must follow his example. He gave Mallorca everything until the end. Lee Kang-in will do many more great things in the future. For now, we have to focus on the present.”

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