Bad news struck BNK. Jinan went to the hospital after a collision with Yang In-young.

Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Bucheon Hana 1Q and Busan BNK Some held on the 27th at the Bucheon Gymnasium in the 6th round. BNK’s Jinan was bleeding in the head and rushed to the hospital.

In the process of attempting a bottom-of-the-bond shot after a pump fake at the beginning of the first quarter, Jin-an collided with Yang In-young who was behind her. Both players complained of pain as Jinan’s head collided with Yang In-young’s chin스포츠토토.

In the process, Jinan’s crown was torn and bleeding occurred. The bleeding did not stop easily, and he headed to a nearby hospital for stitches.

A BNK official said, “The area around the top of the head was torn, but the wound was quite open. So he went straight to the hospital. I think we can find out what will happen when we go to the hospital and get a checkup.”

If BNK wins the game on this day, the second place will be confirmed. However, as Jinan, the core of the goal, left due to an unexpected injury, he had no choice but to solve the game with difficulty. BNK, who lost Jinan, finished the first quarter trailing 20-24.

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