The 57th Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Sports Festival, prepared as a festival for the harmony of the people of the province, opens.

Due to Corona 19, it was not held in 2020, and it was held in 2021 with reduced and dispersed events.

This year, with the opening ceremony introducing virtual reality by combining culture and art with sports, the focus was on creating a sporting event that moved citizens to participate voluntarily.

■ Opening Ceremony Entry eliminated.. Conducted as an event between players and citizens.

The opening ceremony, which starts with a pre-event at 5:00 pm, went beyond the traditional frame of events and introduced a directing method in which Jeju athletes and residents come together to support each other.

Under the theme of ‘JUMP towards 2026’, a new beginning and a great challenge, various events such as a cultural and artistic feast, a performance using the metaverse, and lighting the torch with a drone shaped like a phoenix will be presented.

By drastically eliminating the entrance to the opening ceremony, the concept of the athletes being the protagonists of the event was melted away, so that everyone sitting at a pre-arranged table would be the protagonists enjoying a cultural performance with the audience at the stadium.

■ Above all else, ‘safety’


Through the distribution of tickets, more efficiency was achieved in managing visitors, and safety personnel were also expanded to prevent safety accidents.

Another feature is that a light emitting diode (LED) video system (40m×5m) was installed so that the audience can watch the performance anywhere in Hallim Sports Complex.

In addition, 240 seats on the left and right of the main stage and 2,000 seats in the front are reserved for athletes, and the torch stands give the meaning of Hansupul, the old name of Hallim, and draw out the shape of a thick forest to reveal the various values ​​of Jeju people in harmony with the seasons of Jeju. .

■ “155 minutes” touching drama.. 4-Part Events

The opening ceremony is held for 155 minutes and is divided into 4 parts: pre-event, pre-ceremony event, formal event, and post-ceremony event.

The pre-events were held under the theme of ‘Resonance of Harmony and Coexistence’, with performances of ‘Hallim-eup Folk Preservation Association Gilting’, ‘Let’s Sing and Dance Children’s Choir’, ‘Daon Dance Company’, ‘Gwanggaeto Samulnori & B-boying’, and ‘Sorikkete’ We are going to announce the start of the Provincial Sports Festival.

In the pre-ceremony event, about 1,100 Jeju Provincial Art Troupes and the Provincial People’s Choir will stage a joint performance under the theme of ‘The Beginning of the Journey’ in the sense of advancing toward success with the hopes and aspirations of 1 million citizens.

Next, an emergency evacuation video to prevent safety accidents and a signed ball delivery performance by Jeju United FC players, a professional soccer team related to Jeju, will be held.

Official events include the chorus of the national anthem of Jeju’s buds (male and female children’s quartet, sign language music club of the Association of the Deaf) who convey love through the theme music of ‘Promised Future’, singer Yang Ji-eun’s hometown donation donation ceremony, application of state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT) Governor Oh Young-hoon’s encouraging words through metaverse drawings and the lighting of the drone torch in the shape of a phoenix followed by a flash mob performance of ‘I love jeju’ with the participation of provincial dance troupes and others.

As an after-dinner event, Jeju-born Mistrot 2 Jin Yang Ji-eun and phantom singers Jonno and Go Young-yeol will present an impressive stage with heavenly voices.

The motto of the competition is ‘Healthy physical strength, competition and cooperation, harmony and progress’, and the slogans are ‘Jeju shining through sports for the future together’, ‘Happy sports, healthy citizens, the best Jeju leaping forward’, ‘Healthy citizens through sports in the age of great citizens’ set it to

■ Utilization of 72 stadiums centered on Jeju City.. Matches until the 23rd

This 57th event was held in 72 stadiums centered on Jeju City and 50 events (including 4 new sports events and 16 events for the disabled) with 13,151 players from 702 teams. Athletes will participate and continue the fierce competition until the 23rd.

The general division is divided into eup, myeon, dongho, disabled, and overseas residents, with 7,500 participants in 43 events and 440 teams. I’m participating.

On the 21st, gateball, ground golf, wrestling, volleyball, bowling, baseball softball, archery, track and field, soccer, futsal, and park golf will be held. 안전놀이터

■ Provision of sports culture events..

Provide entertainment for local residents through a demonstration of ‘Sports for all’, a sports culture event in which not only the athletes but also the general public participate during the event on the special stage of Hallim Sports Complex, the main stadium for children’s drawing competitions. do.

In addition, various attractions such as the opening ceremony folk performance, Zumba dance, performances of the 90s and 00s, gogojanggu, etc., and sports events for overseas residents will be prepared. Various events such as a drawing contest for children are held.

■ 23-day experiences, various things to enjoy, etc.. Local restaurant is also operated

On the last day of the competition, there are plenty of things to see and enjoy, such as gymnastics, performances by singers Goonbong Park and Sui Shin, and an impromptu singing contest.

It is expected that it will be a comprehensive sports event that everyone can enjoy by operating a local restaurant and preparing plenty of food.

Until the closing ceremony, cultural and sports events and metabus experience halls are prepared near Hallim Sports Complex, and it is expected that it will become a festival venue enjoyed by all citizens of the province.

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