Lotte Giants head coach Lee Jong-woon watched the game from the home team dugout on the first base side of Sajik Baseball Stadium on the 27th for the first time in eight years.온라인바카라

After the 2014 season, coach Lee Jong-woon, who was Lotte’s franchise star, took over as Lotte’s 16th head coach. Expectations were high as he was the first member of Lotte’s Korean Series championship team in the 1992 season, which remains the second and last championship since Lotte’s founding, to take charge of Lotte.

However, the ‘director’ Lee Jong-woon and Lotte’s companionship did not last long. As Lotte failed to advance to the postseason with 66 wins, 77 losses and 1 draw in the 2015 season, then coach Lee Jong-woon was sacked in the first year of his three-year contract.

It was last fall that coach Lee Jong-woon wore the Lotte uniform again. Lotte picked coach Lee Jong-woon as the right person to be responsible for nurturing the 2nd team and suggested the future team command tower. Coach Lee Jong-woon also became a member of the ‘Giants’ again willingly at the call of his hometown team.

Coach Lee Jong-woon, who had been working hard on nurturing players in the second team, recently faced a drastic change. As of the 26th, Lotte carried out a major reorganization of the coaching staff as it fell into a crisis of recording the lowest monthly win rate with 6 wins and 16 losses in June.

Coach Lee Jong-woon, who was the head coach of the Future Team, moved to the first team head coach, and coach Park Heung-sik, who previously served as the first team head coach and hitting coach, will focus only on hitting coach. Bae Young-soo, the main pitching coach of the 1st team, went down as general coach of the Futures.

It is not common for him to return to the team where he worked as a coach for the second team and to change positions during the season to head coach for the first team, but head coach Lee Jong-woon did not mind.

Head coach Lee Jong-woon said before resigning on the 28th before the Samsung game, “I was suddenly notified of (position change) by the club, so I feel a lot of pressure.” It came up,” he said with determination.

The feeling of Lotte’s 1st team game, which I watched in dugout for the first time in 8 years, conveyed a short but clear impression, “My heart is full.” Lotte coach Larry Sutton also made an effort to ease the tension by joking about his feelings to head coach Lee Jong-woon before the start of the game on the 27th.

Head coach Lee Jong-woon said, “We are happiest when we are wearing our uniforms. We rushed up from the 2nd team, but it’s so nice to come here. I hope our team goes well. I’m trying to play a role that helps the team even a little bit.” Emphasized.

On the first day of the reorganization of the coaching staff, Lotte broke a two-game losing streak with a thrilling come-from-behind victory and succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. In the bottom of the 9th inning, where Samsung was trailing 2-3, Samsung knocked down left-hander Lee Seung-hyun to tie the score 3-3, and ended the game with Yoo Kang-nam’s two-run home run.

Head coach Lee Jong-woon laughed, “I was so excited the day before and I screamed so much that my throat was hoarse.”

He also joked, “But it was so thrilling and good to win. Thankfully, Yoo Kang-nam hit a home run, so he hugged me tightly after the game.”

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