English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur plans to reinforce their center back this summer, but they still want Alessandro Bastoni (23, Inter Milan) as their top priority. In particular, Antonio Conte (53, Italy), known as his ‘gift’, is pushing for recruitment even though he recently left.

On the 30th of last month (Korean time), the transfer media ‘Pichhahes’ said, “Tottenham are planning a new project once again to re-enter the competition for the championship, and there is considerable interest in Bastoni. Despite Conte’s departure, this year We are eager to recruit him this summer,” he said.

Tottenham has been interested in Bastoni since the beginning of last year. There was no left-footed center back, and when the existing center backs often showed unstable appearances due to severe ups and downs, manager Conte strongly wanted to reunite in the process of reorganizing the defensive line, so he set it as the first target and promoted recruitment.

However, the recruitment failed due to the failure to close the gap in the transfer fee negotiation process. In fact, Tottenham withdrew the offer when Inter Milan demanded more than 70 million euros (approximately 99.5 billion won) for Bastoni’s transfer fee during the transfer market last summer.스포츠토토

Tottenham, however, is sending a ‘love call’ to Bastoni again this season as it is shaking as defensive anxiety problems come out one after another. He conceded 50 goals in 40 matches in all competitions. That’s more than 1 goal per game. Moreover, it is more active because the only left-footed center back Clement Langle (27), who was hired on loan, will return to Barcelona (Spain) this summer.

Coincidentally, Bastoni has just over a year left on his contract with Inter Milan, and as there is a possibility of leaving without renewing the contract due to a difference of opinion over the salary, experts observe that Tottenham can make a surprise attack if there is an opportunity to sign at any time. .

Boasting a solid physical height of over 190cm, Bastoni is evaluated for his excellent basic defense. In addition, he is equipped with the ability to build up the rear, a quality that modern soccer center backs must have, and his value is highly evaluated as he is a common left-footed defender.

Bastoni has been playing a key role since wearing the Inter Milan uniform in the summer of 2017, recording 3 goals and 13 assists in 148 matches so far. It was in the last 2019-2020 season that he made a full-fledged leap to the starting lineup. At the time, while gaining the trust of coach Conte, he was responsible for the left stopper position in the back three and played an active role in winning the Italian Serie A.

In fact, he said, “Director Conte devoted himself to taking care of me so that I could grow. Not only did he teach me a lot technically, but he also helped me a lot mentally.” It has been stated that

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