SSG Landers’ new foreign pitcher, Roennis Elias (34), completed his first inspection on the Korean stage in the Futures (Second Division) League. 

Elias started in the Futures game against the Samsung Lions held in Gyeongsan on the 18th and recorded 4 hits and 1 run in 3 2/3 innings. He threw a total of 60 balls (39 strikes), striking out two. On this day, his fastball top speed was 147 km/h. He checked his condition by throwing a mix of fastballs, sliders, curveballs, and changeups.

Elias said, “I’m happy to finally be able to play in Korea, and I’m looking forward to my appearance in the future. Today, I focused on throwing strikes, and I felt that I was in good shape.” 

Lee Dae-soo, head coach of the Futures, said, “Considering today’s 11:00 game and adaptation to the mound due to rain, it is expected that the first team will increase speed and increase the power of fastballs in the future. First of all, the overall control was good, and the pitching rhythm and balance were good. In particular, the changeup was easy to steal timing against right-handed hitters, and the curve was also powerful.”체스카지노

SSG eventually announced the signing of Elias earlier this month after Annie Romero’s injury sustained during spring training. Romero, who was expected to be an ace, packed his bags without ever climbing the Korean mound. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “I can’t wait any longer” and decided to replace him.

SSG verified Elias, who signed a contract for $540,000 (700 million won), through various channels to reduce the probability of failure. Former SK Wyverns coach Trey Hillman, who was appointed by SSG as a club consultant this year, checked the evaluation of Elias through his network. SSG said, “(Elias) has heard that both his skills and personality are good.” “He has a nice personality,” Guillermo Heredia, who played for the Seattle Mariners, told the club.

Coach Won-hyung Kim decided to allow Elias to play once in the second team without any burden when there was no major difficulty in operating the five-man starting rotation. Elias finished the maintenance without major injuries, and it seems that he will be on the mound for the first team soon. 

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