With comfortable training facilities, Shinhan Bank invited the athletes’ families to see the new accommodations.

On the 16th, Shinhan Bank Incheon held a homecoming day at Shinhan Bank Blue Campus, located in Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, where the team’s family, friends, and fans were invited to introduce the team’s accommodation and training facilities.

Shinhan Bank Blue Campus is the name of Shinhan Bank’s training center, and the basketball team moved in for two days. Previously, the team used an apartment adjacent to their home stadium, Incheon Dowon Gymnasium, as their lodging and also trained at Dowon Gymnasium. The previous accommodation had the advantage of being able to hold practice and games in the same gymnasium, but since the gymnasium was opened in 1975, it was difficult to upgrade the training facilities such as the weight training center.메이저놀이터

Shinhan Bank Blue Campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, with about KRW 3 billion invested in the expansion. Not only have the locker rooms and showers been improved, but there are also hot and cold baths for post-workout conditioning. The dormitories have also changed from two-person rooms to one-person rooms. On Homecoming Day, not only family and friends, but also fans and lovers were invited, totaling about 80 people, including the players.

“The previous accommodation was an environment where it was easy for family and friends to meet the players, but it is not easy to visit the training center. We wanted to invite them to the event and introduce them to the new training facility. The support of the families will motivate the players, and it was also a way for the secretariat, including the head coach and the head coach, to express their gratitude to the families.”

Shinhan Bank also took the time to introduce the history of the organization and the training center to the guests. The training center was founded in 1987 and has since undergone several remodeling and construction projects.

In addition to the training facilities, the guests were able to see the players in action under Gunadan’s leadership. Afterward, they had dinner with the players, and the Shinhan Bank Secretariat presented them with souvenirs to show their appreciation for their visit to Shinhan Bank Blue Campus.

Byun Cheong-woon, father of Byun So-jung and coach of Seongnam Cho, said, “I’ve been a player for a long time, but it’s not often that my family is invited to see the facilities and training. Watching the players train reminded me of my playing days (laughs). The facilities are top-notch. It’s a great environment for parents to be able to focus solely on training.”

At the end of training, Gunadan led the players and their families in a team chant. “Normally, I make training harder,” says Gunadan. The players all work hard to get one more minute on the court, and it means a lot to be able to invite their families to be a part of that process. As the players are following the coaching staff well, we hope that the families and fans will show their support.”

Shinhan Bank’s efforts in the Blue Campus era do not end there. On April 24, Shinhan Bank will invite the children of its employees to participate in a basketball camp with the team to encourage them to become supporters of the team.

“When I joined the bank, it was called ‘Real Shinhan’ and there were savings and deposit products related to the basketball team, so most employees were familiar with the team, but recently, the awareness has dropped. Now that we have a practice gym in the training center, we will try to increase employees’ interest in the basketball team.”

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