Go Joon-yong (34) took off his uniform.

The 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout is currently underway in Jeju Island. While the managers and coaching staff of the seven clubs were concentrating on choosing the stone, a familiar face stood out to the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coaching staff. It was Go Joon-yong.

Ko Jun-yong participated in the tryout as a coaching staff member along with head coach Kim Sang-woo and head coach Kim Tae-jong. From the upcoming season, he will start the season as a coach rather than a player. Now, he starts a new volleyball life as ‘Coach Go Jun-yong’ instead of ‘Player Go Jun-yong’.

Although the title of coach may still be awkward, Go Joon-yong checked the participants with a hawk’s eye to successfully carry out his first job as a coach, the Asia Quarter Tryout.

Go Joon-yong, who played the outside heater position during his active career, is a former Samsung Fire & Marine one-club man. After graduating from Inha University, he entered the professional stage by receiving the first pick in the second round of the 2011 rookie draft. From the 2011-12 season, which was his debut season, he recorded 35 points in 20 games, an attack success rate of 43.75%, and a receiving efficiency of 32.56%.

In particular, in the 2013-14 season, Seok Jin-wook’s retirement and Yeo Oh-hyun’s transfer made a gap in the receiving line, adding strength. He recorded a receiving efficiency of 56.46% and contributed to the Samsung Fire Integrated Championship. 크크크벳

Go Joon-yong recorded 633 points in 279 professional matches (713 sets), an attack success rate of 48.35%, and a receiving efficiency of 44.54%. In the 2022-23 season, which was the last season of his player career, he played 27 games and scored 52 points, an attack success rate of 44%, and a receiving efficiency of 28%.

To be honest, he wasn’t an outstanding player. He scored only once in the 2019-20 season (185 points) in triple digits. Recently, he stepped on the court as a substitute rather than a starter.

He was not a flashy attacker, but he was always a diligent and housekeeper who took care of the team. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance saw Ko Jun-yong’s diligence and even entrusted him with coaching after his retirement. He is an example to the players both on and off the court.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has not been able to produce significant results recently. Last season, it tasted the second lowest humiliation of the establishment, and the 2017-18 season was the last to advance to the postseason. We are looking forward to seeing if Go Joon-yong, a former one-club man, can recreate the glory days of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

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