The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to open a detour so that Russian and Belarusian athletes, who have been virtually expelled from international sports after the invasion of Ukraine, can participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), which is driven by ‘oil money’, and China, the host country of the 19th Asian Games, also helped the IOC.

According to the Korea Sports Council on the 30th, the OCA decided to allow Russian and Belarusian players to participate in the Asian Games, which kicked off in Hangzhou, China on September 23, and sent an official letter containing the related plans to 45 member countries. The content is that athletes from the two countries will be allowed to participate in the Asian Games as ‘invited players’, but medals will not be given even if they are in the rankings, and the ranking points necessary to win a ticket to the Olympics will not be awarded. The intention is to ensure that Asian players will not suffer damage due to Russian and Belarusian players participating in the tournament, but the possibility of confusion in the course of running the tournament cannot be ruled out. The Asian Games is a multi-sport event with the second largest number of participants after the Olympics. Even in the 2017 Sapporo Winter Asian Games, Australia and New Zealand, which are not OCA member countries, participated.스포츠토토

In announcing the news of the Russian and Belarusian teams’ participation in the Asian Games, OCA said, “We believe that all nationalities can become one through sports.” OCA is headquartered in Kuwait. Dmitry Trenin, former director of the Russian think tank Carnegie Moscow and a member of the Russian Foreign and Defense Policy Committee, argued last year that “a smart strategy toward the Middle East will contribute to the establishment of a new world order.” Middle East policy.

Prior to the OCA, the IOC also announced, “It is unreasonable for an athlete to be barred from participating in a sporting event simply because of his or her nationality.” Regarding this, Reuters said, “The IOC has been holding behind-the-scenes discussions with major member countries, including the United States, to allow athletes from the two countries to participate in the Paris Olympics, and has reached an agreement in principle.”

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