Lotte Giants coach Larry Sutton drew a line on rumors of discord within the team over a large-scale reorganization of the first team coaching staff. He seemed to be wary of over-interpretation, emphasizing that there was no problem with his relationship with the coaches.메이저사이트

Lotte announced in a press release on the morning of the 27th that Bae Young-soo, the main pitching coach of the 1st team, will be transferred to the Futures pitching department. Coach Kim Hyeon-wook, who was the conditioning coach, replaced coach Bae Young-soo and took charge of mound management for the first team starting today.

Coach Park Heung-sik, who served as the head coach of the first team and the main hitting coach, was also decided to be solely in charge of batting instruction. Lee Jong-woon, head coach of the Future Team, will move to head coach of the first team and take on the role of a bridge between Sutton, the coaching staff and the players.

Lotte is in crisis with a monthly win rate of 6 wins and 16 losses in June. Until May, the season was cruising with 27 wins and 17 losses, and it was running in 3rd place alone, but as of the 27th, it is 4th, chased by the 5th place Doosan Bears by one game. 

It is only 2 games away from 6th place Kiwoom and 2.5 games away from 7th place KT, so if it does not rebound this week, the possibility of being pushed out of the top 5 cannot be ruled out. Recently, they are going through ups and downs with 6 consecutive losing series, so they desperately need a change of atmosphere.

In this situation, Lotte is in a position to seek renewal by reorganizing the coaching staff. On the 23rd, during an expedition to the metropolitan area, Kim Pyeong-ho, the first base operations coach, was lowered to the second team, and coach Na Gyeong-min was called up, and four days later, the first team chief and main pitching coach were replaced.

However, as soon as suspicions that some coaches had protested against Sutton emerged, the first team coaching staff reorganization was immediately announced, and the appearance became strange. 

It is common to see major coaching staff positions in the 1st and 2nd teams being changed drastically in a situation where the performance is not good and the atmosphere has subsided, but the timing was a problem. 

Prior to the match against Samsung on the 27th, Sutton’s position was that “the reorganization of the coaching staff was decided at the club level to change and renew the team atmosphere.”

Also, “There is no problem with the team. There is good harmony and good energy in the team now, so I changed the position of the coaching staff to change the part that was not good in June.” We had a ‘Great Meeting’ today,” he emphasized.

Coach Sutton believes that the team will be able to show off the performance that was good in April and May. The position is that the new chief and pitching coach can find a breakthrough in harmony with the players.

Sutton said, “At the coaching staff meeting, we talked about the areas where the team was lacking and the areas where we needed to grow. We also talked about how to train. Even now, the players are preparing for the game while training normally.” explained.

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