Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Georgina Rodriguez has emerged as a potential legal problem in Saudi Arabia.

The Spanish media ‘Sport’ reported on the 5th (Korean time), “In Saudi Arabia, legally unmarried men and women living together under the same roof are considered a crime and apply obscenity.”

“Ronaldo has not yet married his girlfriend Georgina. Living together in Saudi Arabia is illegal.”

However, weight is given to speculation that it will not be a big problem for Ronaldo. Interviews with two Saudi Arabian lawyers back this up. 메이저놀이터

A Saudi Arabian lawyer told ‘Sport’ that “although the law still prohibits unmarried cohabitation, the government closes its eyes and doesn’t crack down on anyone.”

He continued, “Of course, this law is used when a problem or crime has occurred to a specific person,” explaining that the unmarried cohabitation ban law is virtually ineffective.

Other lawyers had similar thoughts. A Saudi Arabian lawyer who requested anonymity said, “The Saudi Arabian government rarely interferes with the unmarried cohabitation of foreigners. However, unmarried cohabitation is still legally prohibited.