The Vinicius Junior (23-Real Madrid) racism controversy that erupted over the weekend has gradually escalated around the world. However, the region of Valencia, which is actually the subject of the controversy, is shamelessly demanding that Real Madrid stop playing the media game.

Colin Millar, a reporter for the British newspaper Mirror, took to social media on Wednesday to highlight how the media in Valencia, Spain, are covering the Vinicius racism controversy.먹튀검증

During the match between Real Madrid and Valencia in the 35th round of the 2022-2023 Primera Liga at the Estadio de Mestalla in Valencia, Spain on April 22, Vinicius was subjected to sustained racial abuse from the Valencia home crowd from before the match until he was sent off just before the end.

The chants, which compared black players to monkeys, eventually led to the player’s outburst, but the crowd was not sanctioned. The sending-off was also controversial, with four referees focusing solely on Vinicius and sending him off.

After the game, Valencia responded by banning the racist fans from the stadium for life, but the fire has not been extinguished. The racist chants that were caught on camera were not the work of one or two individuals. Add to that the fact that La Liga president Javier Tebas, 63, twice posted comments on social media that appeared to snipe at Vinicius, and the outrage from soccer fans around the world focused on the perpetrators, Valencia, and the La Liga secretariat for allowing it to happen.

Vinicius’ club, Real Madrid, announced in an official statement that it was filing a racial discrimination complaint, while UEFA, Spanish prosecutors, and Vinicius’ home country, Brazil, have also publicly weighed in.

Valencia says it’s too much. In an official statement, the club said, “The police have identified three fans who made racist comments to Vinicius. Our club will react strongly to all forms of racism and violence,” the club said, adding, “We have been at the forefront of the fight against racism for many years, which is why it is completely false that everyone in the stadium shouted racist insults during the live broadcast of the Real Madrid game. We cannot accept that the whole of Valencia is branded as racist. We ask for respect,” he said, leaving room for interpretation.

The leading Valencian newspaper, Super Deporte, published a photo of a hand sign for the ban with the words “Enough, enough is enough!” (i BASTA YA!). This was not a call for racism, but rather a call for an end to the media play (unpleasantness) led by Real Madrid, and a call for Vinicius, the victim of racism, to be punished for his disrespectful behavior on the field.

In addition to this, Super Deporte continued with a generally unfair narrative, running a story about Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti accusing Valencia of being racist, alongside a story about Real Betis coach Manuel Pellegrini, who defended Valencia and Spain as racist countries.

However, Milla then posted a video of a group of people happily chanting “Vinicius, you monkey” in the streets of Valencia, lightly refuting the claims made by Super Deporte.

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