Yoo Jae-ho, 7th Dan, was promoted to Jwajo (another name for 8th Dan), which means that ‘you can clearly see the changes in the world even while sitting’.

Korea Kiwon said on the 12th, “Yoo Jae-ho won the 5th dan Cho Seung-ah in the KB Kookmin Bank Futures League held on the 3rd and added 4 points to the 8th dan with 201 points.” This is his first promotion in 20 years. 

Yoo Jae-ho, who started as a professional in 2004 at the 5th Regional Research Student Enrollment Contest, reached the round of 16 at Samsung Fire & Marine Farming in 2005, advanced to the finals of the world competition, and continues to be active on the domestic stage, such as playing an active role as a Futures Leaguer at KB Kookmin Bank. . 안전놀이터

Song Kyu-sang, who also made his name known as a Go broadcast commentator, was 7th dan after 8 years of joining the club. In addition, Hyun Yu-bin is Tongyu (通幽, nickname for 6th Dan), Kang Ji-hoon and Baek Hyeon-woo are 4th Dan Yongji (用智, 5th Dan alias), and Kim Yun-tae and Kim Joo-a are 2nd Dan fighting power (鬪力, 3rd Dan alias). won one by one.

The promotion rules of Korea Origin give 4 points when winning in comprehensive competitions (including KB League and Chinese League). In addition, 1 point is given if you win the Korea Professional Knights Association league and limited games (new players, women, senior players).

According to the decision of the ’35th 8th Professional Knights Association’ held in February, the winning score awarded for winning has been adjusted from 1.5 points to 1 point from the 9th Korea Professional Knights Association League. 

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