Professionist Song Ji-hoon, 7th Dan, has risen to the left position (another nickname for 8th Dan), saying that ‘you can clearly see the changes in the world even while sitting’.

On December 6, Song Ji-hoon announced that he had been promoted to 8th dan with a cumulative score of 200.5 by adding 4 dan points after beating Baek Hong-seok 9th dan in the 4th sawfalcosanol preliminaries.

Song Ji-hoon, who entered the professional league through the 134th Research Student Enrollment Competition in 2015, climbed to the top of the 2019 Crown Haitai Cup, won his first championship after joining, and has been active in domestic competitions, including two runner-ups in the Presidential Cup National Baduk Championship. .

Also on this day, Hyojin Kwon and Wankyu Cho, 4th dan, were promoted to Yongji (another name for 5th dan).

The promotion rules of the Korean Origin give 4 points for a win in the comprehensive game (including the KB League and Chinese League), 1.5 points for a win in the Korea Professional Engineers Association league, and 1 point for a win in the limited game (new, female, and senior games). . 스포츠토토