Abando, a Filipino professional basketball player of Ginseng Corp., is a 188cm tall guard who is not tall for a basketball player.

He boasts not only a free dunk shot, but also excellent resilience to the point of running second overall in blocks, overtaking big men.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reports.


Abando’s tremendous elasticity, reminiscent of a spring, and its true value are further revealed in the block that blocks the 2-meter-high Ha Yun-ki.

[Replay comment: “Wow! Abando! Are you in the NBA now?”] Abando,

who recorded 6 blocks, the most tie in a game by a rookie, is running second overall in this category. [Soundbite] [ Soundbite

] Byun Jun-hyung/Ginseng Corporation : “I am surprised every day, and I feel new every day. To be honest, I really like jumping and I like it ridiculously.”

It is Abando’s victory far beyond.

Abando’s running jump record far exceeds Samsung Big Man Lee Won-seok’s record when he was a rookie, who is about 348cm tall and 2m 7cm tall.

This is why it is possible to defend against an opponent’s goal attempt by chasing it from behind.

[“This is a block!”]메이저놀이터

Abando is the only guard to play in the dunk contest at the All-Star Game.

[Soundbite] Abando/Ginseng Corporation : “I’m the shortest among the contestants in the dunk shot contest, but I’ll stick with it properly!”

Abando, which even attracts Filipino spectators at every home game, is the hidden vitality of Ginseng Corporation, the sole leader.

This is Kang Jae-hoon from KBS News.