Is it a sign of overheating from the semi-finals? There were three incidents of crowd intrusion during the WBC semifinal match between the United States and Cuba.

The United States won 14-2 in the semifinals against Cuba in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Championship Round held at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida, on the 20th (Korean time). After giving up the first run in the first inning, he broke Cuba’s will to pursue by scoring six consecutive innings from the bottom of the first to the bottom of the sixth.

The semi-final match between the United States and Cuba was interrupted three times for non-match reasons. All because of crowd intrusion. Blocked and blocked, but jumped in again.

First, the first spectator intrusion occurred in the beginning of the 6th inning, when the United States led 9-2. This spectator seemed to have come to the stadium with a mind from the beginning. They stormed in with banners and spread them out to the crowd. According to reports, the uninvited guest wrote a message that Cuba should be freed from dictatorship. A security guard was sent in and the spectator was ejected.온라인카지노

The 6th intrusion of the crowd was just the beginning. In the 7th and 8th innings, different spectators ran into the ground and the game continued to be stopped. A third crowd interrupted Mookie Betts’ at-bat and interrupted the flow of the game. Betts waited for the situation to be sorted out with a bewildered face.

Miami is close to Cuba, so there are many Cuban immigrants. It seems that the enthusiasm in the crowd was expressed in the wrong way as the match was played in a one-sided flow by the United States while many Cuban fans came. Still, it is difficult to understand that the intrusion of spectators was repeated three times in one game at the most prestigious international competition.

Meanwhile, the United States overpowered Cuba on both sides of Tuta. In the quarterfinal against Venezuela on the 19th, after a slugfest using 7 pitchers, they won again 9-7, but in the semifinal against Cuba, starters Adam Wainwright (4 innings, 1 run), Miles Mycholas (4 innings, 1 run), and Aaron Loop (1 run). innings), three people were responsible for 9 innings. In the other lineup, Paul Goldschmidt recorded 1 home run, 2 hits and 4 RBIs, and Trey Turner recorded 2 homers, 3 hits and 4 RBIs.

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