Yoon Young-cheol is the only player among the rookie players this season who entered the starting rotation. Of course, there are also Kim Dong-ju, Lee Yong-jun, and Kim Dong-ju, but they are used rookies. These are players who have already been trained to some extent in the pros.

But Yoon Young-chul is different. Now, he is no different from a high school student who has just graduated from high school. Such a player is circling the rotation as the proud fifth starter for the Kia Tigers. It is not so easy to see how many high school graduate rookies go through the season from the beginning of the season to the top 5 and finish the season. In particular, it is all the more so now that the gap between high school and professional has widened enormously.

However, Yoon Young-chul was different. On May 17th, Yoon Young-cheol came down the hill with the conditions for a second win in the Daegu Samsung game. 5.1 innings without an earned run (Hwang Dae-in’s error was not recorded as Yun Young-chul’s run). Of course, the crowd shouted. Yoon Young-chul’s speed was not fast. Now that the 160km era has arrived, his fastball, which is less than 140km, is enough to underestimate his value.

But he never wavered on the mound. He always put in strikes and overwhelmed the atmosphere, and he danced with a changeup that fell from the outside against right-handed batters and a strike and two types of 120km sliders that flowed against left-handed hitters.

Yoon Young-cheol, a baby tiger who was granted a sweet vacation of 10 days after his appearance on the field that day체스카지노

Yoon Young-chul’s strengths are that the ball is hard to see because of his good deception, that he has no control over the pro’s narrow strike zone, and that he has two breaking balls that can be used right away in the pro’s. And there is also the boldness to smile at the hit. Lotte rookie Kim Min-seok, who is causing a sensation, confessed during the off-season, “Even if the speed is not fast, it is really difficult to hit.”

Compared to his opponent, Suarez, his pitch was shabby, but Yoon Young-cheol only got 4 hits, less than half of his.

Of course, Yoon Young-cheol’s performance this season is not exceptional. However, his performance must include the fact that he is a complete rookie and the huge bonus of being selected as a full-time player. If Yun Young-cheol can run the season full-time, he is a huge event in itself. This is because Moon Dong-ju and An Woo-jin of the world could not do it.

Yoon Young-cheol is going on a sweet 10-day vacation after this mound. He still has a long way to go before the season is over. However, coach Kim Jong-guk, who has put Yun Young-cheol in the opening 5th starter, has proven himself that he is not wrong.

Kia leads 7-3 as of the 8th inning amid Yoon Young-chul’s good pitching.

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