Blue One Resort and Hana Card. It’s dizzying.

The professional billiards PBA personal tour regular season, which ran nonstop from June of last year to January of this year, is slowly coming to an end. This year was an unrelated year. Rather, in the 6th tour, the victory of ‘Emperor’ Frederic Kudron (Welcome Savings Bank) and ‘Empress’ Ga-young Kim (Hana Card) seemed awkward. 

On the 24th, at the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA-LPBA Championship (7th Tour)’, which ended at Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, Kang Min-goo (Blue One Resort) won the long-awaited first championship after finishing runner-up 4 times, along with a thrilling trophy. It earned 100,000 points and jumped to 7th place (119,500) at once. Until just before that, with a cumulative 19,500 points, it was possible to remain in the first part to some extent. 

Although Kudron suffered the humiliation (?) of the harsh cold of falling twice in the round of 128 this season, he is still holding onto the top spot with a cumulative score of 178,000. face was kept. The ‘prize king’ Zapata is closely following with 170,500 points.

The 3rd and 4th place is the family fight of NH Nonghyup Card. The two players who shook off their ties this season together, Jo Jae-ho with 161,500 points and Maminkam with 156,000 points, were listed side by side. 

In addition, 6 out of 10 players, including Eddie Leppens (SK Rent-A-Car), David Martinez (Crown Haetae), and Birol Wimaz (Welcome Savings Bank), made it to the top 10, clearly showing that outsiders are still strong in the PBA. there is. 

Recently, local powerhouses such as Kang Min-goo, Kang Dong-gung, and Jo Jae-ho have had strong winds, but most of them remain outside the top 10. Gangdonggung is currently ranked 17th with 44,000 cumulative points. Other than that, there are players who stay calmly in the top 50, but there doesn’t seem to be a big problem in staying in the first part of the tour. 

The problem is Blue One Resort and Hana Card, which are in a position to ‘rebuild’ their leaders at the same time. 

Kim Byeong-ho is currently ranked 83rd with 13,500 points, and as the number of tours this season has increased, he must aim for the round of 16 or higher on the last regular tour, the 8th tour, to remain as the ‘great father’ of Hana Card. To stay very stable, you have to aim for the quarterfinals or higher.

Things get even worse when you go over to Eom Sang-pil. Eom Sang-pil, who is currently ranked 112th with a cumulative score of 6,500, must reach at least the semi-final stage in the 8th tour to protect Blue One Resort. 

Kang Min-gu, who confirmed the championship with 16 bank shots in the 7th tour, said, “Personally, I think the player who can hit the best one-bank shot in the world is Pro Eom Sang-pil, and I learned from him.” Attention is focusing on whether he will continue to be the captain of Blue One Resort as he enters the top ranks of the miracle on the tour. 

In the women’s division, Kim Ga-young, who has won the trophy twice this season, is in first place with 57,600 points. It is a record that will not be broken until a new queen is born in the World Championship, or the second and third place players lift the trophy in the 8th game. 스포츠토토

Lim Jung-sook (Crown Haetae) immediately below her scored 41,300 points, leaving a significant gap with the first place. Throng Piabi, the ‘Empress of Cambodia’, showed ups and downs in her performance recently, but came in 3rd place with 38,900 points, and Hida Orie (SK Rent-A-Car), who became the first Japanese player in PBA history to win the trophy, came in 4th place with 32,300 points. High1 Resort champion Natsumi Higashiuchi (Japan, 29,800 points) came in 5th, and NH Nonghyup Card Kim Min-a, who shed her ties this season, was ranked 6th (28,800 points). 

‘PBA’s youngest champion’ Kim Ye-eun recorded runner-up in the previous tour and this tour in a row, but failed to enter the TOP 5 because she did not win and was eliminated four times in the round of 32 this season. It is currently ranked 7th with 24,400 points. 

However, as there are no tours for the 2nd and 3rd parts of the women’s division, advancing to the round of 64 is not as important as the men’s division. The barrier to entry to the top ranks is relatively low, and the ranking fluctuations are not very large. How often a player crosses the threshold of survival on the tour and advances to a higher-level stage becomes the criterion for determining who is seeded. Survival is the hardest. Survival is a stage where Throng can fall and even Kim Ga-young can fall.  

Meanwhile, the ‘Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship 2023’, the 8th tour and the last of the regular tour, will be held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang from February 1st to 8th.

The ‘King of Kings’ World Championship will be held from March 3rd. 

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