“Don’t ignore the Angels.”

As the 2023 season trade deadline passed, without fail, Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels)’s 2023-2024 free agent market prospects began to emerge. The LA Times published an article summarizing the conversations of its reporters on the 4th (hereinafter Korean time), and on the same day, MLB Network John Heyman also presented his views.

“The Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners are Ohtani’s most likely landing spots,” Heyman said. But don’t ignore the Angels.” The reason why he emphasized the Angels is because he cannot forget what he heard from officials.먹튀검증

A source told Heyman, “The Angels haven’t made it to the postseason yet since Ohtani joined, but Ohtani loves it (the Angels) very much. He said he felt very comfortable there.” Unsurprisingly, Ohtani is satisfied with his life with the Angels.

The reason Ohtani has been observing that he will leave the Angels is his performance. It is true that he expressed the nuance of regret and exhaustion for the Angels not winning several times. Therefore, if the Angels fail to make it to the postseason this season, the prevailing prospect is that they will join hands with other clubs in the free agency market without regret.

However, according to what the source told Heyman, the Angels have plenty of hope of signing a free agent. Anyway, Ohtani doesn’t prefer to go out west, and Anaheim is a familiar place. Moreover, the Angels reinforced their mound by acquiring Lucas Giolito and Reinaldo Lopez in line with this trade deadline.

Sports Illustrated Fan Nation Halos Today said, “The acquisition of Giolito and Lopez was the clearest sign of organizational change for the Angels. Gone are the days when the Angels depended on just two superstars (Ohtani and Mike Trout). It will help them win the biggest prize in the near future. It is a long-term contract with Ohtani.”

Whether or not the Angels will make it to the postseason is still unknown. It’s hard to say that the odds are high, but it’s a sign that the team has changed to Ohtani that he became a buyer anyway. It is the opinion of Halloween Today that this can stimulate Ohtani’s motivation. That makes sense.

In the end, the key is money. Ever since Ohtani entered the major leagues through the US-Japan posting system, there have been constant talks about his style of not pursuing money as his top priority. However, it is the first free agency he acquires in his life, and there is also a realistic theory that he will not be able to think of this. First of all, the general opinion is that the market price is at least 600 million dollars, the first ever. Ohtani stayed with the Angels for now, but the real match is in the fall.

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