KIA shortstop Chan-ho Park, who was out due to a left finger injury, started training.

The match between Doosan and KIA will be held at Gwangju KIA Champions Field on the 15th. Park Chan-ho, who took the field with the team, began his training by playing a light catch ball.먹튀검증

Chan-ho Park injured his left finger while hitting a ground ball to shortstop and sliding headfirst to first base in the game against Samsung in Daegu on the 12th. As a result of a hospital examination, he was diagnosed with a fourth finger ligament injury and was absent from the game against Gwangju Lotte on the 13th.

Because his left finger was sore when he put his glove on, he seemed very cautious in catching the ball. Park Chan-ho, who was playing catch with Na Seong-beom, caught the ball and made a surprised expression as if his fingers were tingling.

Park Chan-ho watched the defensive tactics training with the pitchers from behind. Park Chan-ho, who was closely watching Kim Do-young’s defense at shortstop, seemed to spare no effort in giving advice on his defense. The video captured Chan-ho Park training with the players.

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