The Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) filed an objection to FIFA, claiming that it was disadvantaged by the referee’s unreasonable decision during the FIFA World Cup semi-finals in Qatar.

FRMF said on the 16th (Korean time), “We have submitted a document to FIFA that will contain the fact that we were unfairly judged in the semi-final match against France.”

Morocco, who reached the semifinals for the first time in the African continent and Arab countries, lost 0-2 against France in the semifinal held in Alcor, Qatar on the 15th and was pushed back to the third and fourth place.

The scene FRMF took issue with came in the 27th minute when the score was 0-1. At the time, Moroccan winger Sufjan Bupal (Angers SCO, left) ran into the opponent’s penalty box to catch the ball that flowed out, and the right foot of Theo Hernandez (AC Milan, 〃 right), the French wingback and the first scorer, got caught. I fell. Then, referee Cesar Arturo Ramos from Mexico pulled out a yellow card and declared a foul against Bupal, and the Moroccan bench, who expected a penalty kick, was devastated.

FRMF pointed out, “We strongly protest against referee Ramos’ decision,” and pointed out, “It is very surprising that VAR was not conducted in this situation.

“We urge FIFA to mediate fairly while taking necessary measures against unfair decisions that occurred in the semi-finals,” he said.

During the semi-final, some Moroccan soccer fans, excited by the defeat, clashed with police in Belgium. About 500,000 Moroccans live in Belgium.

According to local media such as the Brussels Times and Belga, about 100 soccer fans gathered in downtown Brussels after the semi-finals were arrested by the police on the spot메이저사이트. Those arrested are charged with disrupting public order, possessing prohibited firecrackers, and destroying two police vehicles. Some young Moroccans protested against the police’s use of water cannons and tear gas. In Antwerp, football fans threw firecrackers at police and clashes led to 75 arrests.

In major cities such as Brussels, after Morocco defeated Belgium, second in the FIFA rankings, in the second round of the World Cup Group F group stage on the 27th of last month (local time), some Moroccan football fans, intoxicated with victory, broke shop windows or threw firecrackers at vehicles. Controversy arose as they threw it and set it on fire. As a result, the authorities mobilized a large number of police forces in case of emergency every day the Moroccan national football team played, while controlling the main roads in the city.

Moroccan immigrants threw firecrackers and flares at each other and clashed with French soccer fans who were celebrating a victory in Paris, Lyon, and Montpellion, the capitals of France.

Meanwhile, Morocco will play the last game of the tournament against Croatia at 0:00 am on the 18th at Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayjan, Qatar.