Midfielder Park Sang-hyeok, who moved on loan from Suwon Samsung (Suwon) to Seongnam FC, expressed his determination.

Park Sang-hyuk, who took on a new challenge in Seongnam, said, “I came up with a lot of individual goals, but I think it’s more important to share the direction the team wants to go. I want to contribute to the team as much as I have newly joined. I prepared well for the winter training period and looked good with the fans.” I will try my best to spend the year that I have,” he said.

Park Sang-hyeok, who went through Maetanjung-Maetango, was from Suwon Youth and made his professional debut in Suwon in 2019.  스포츠토토

During high school, he played an active role in Maetango’s spring league, high school’s second half league, won the Wangjungwangjeon, and was selected as the U17 national team, contributing to the team’s advancement to the round of 16 at the 2015 U17 World Cup. Park Sang-hyeok, who entered Korea University, played as a starting player for the team from a young age in his first year of college, winning the U-League King of the Kings. 

He has played in 22 games since his professional debut in Suwon in 2019, joined Kimcheon Sangmu in 2021, and returned to his team last season after completing military service. He is currently recording 4 points in 53 matches in his K-League career.

Park Sang-hyeok’s strength is speed-based breakthrough and bold shooting, and he creates organized and organic plays with quick situational judgment. 

Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “Park Sang-hyeok is quick on his feet and has a good shot. And above all, he has the ability to lead his team into an attacking situation and change the atmosphere of the game. I expect him to show his strengths with confidence.”