Sangmu rose to the joint lead in the D-League.

Yatoo continued to miss and gave up a 12-point lead, but there was no shaking. Little by little, the score gap narrowed, and the defense reversed the flow. When Yatoo got a zero point, it was out of control.

Along with Heo Hoon, Song Gyo-chang, a former KBL MVP, showed clear power. Despite not being in a normal condition yet, he showed off his overwhelming presence in the air and defense.

Song Gyo-chang played as a starter in the 2022-2023 KBL D-League match between Sangmu and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus held at LG Champions Park on the 14th and played 24 minutes and 20 seconds to win the team with 17 points and 5 rebounds, including 3 3-pointers. led He also recorded two steals and two blocked shots, leading the atmosphere of Sangmu in the air and defense.

Sangmu, who beat Korea Gas Corporation 78-56 amid Song Gyo-chang’s performance, became a joint leader with LG with 6 wins and 1 loss.

Song Gyo-chang said, “Korea Gas Corporation’s shot went very well in the first quarter, and it was a difficult game while taking a lot of rebounds. But I wasn’t too embarrassed. All the players worked together and they were good players스포츠토토, so I thought it would be okay to start with defense. I did. From the second quarter, I was able to win the game with good rebounds and quick attacks,” he said.

At the beginning of the game, Sangmu seldom got a shot and was dragged to 4-16. Missed all 10 3-pointers from the start of the game. However, through strong defense, Korea Gas Corporation was tied up.

It was different from the team’s style of playing aggressive and flashy basketball with superior power, but it showed off that it had certain strengths in defense.

Song Gyo-chang said, “It is true that the basketball of former managers has strengths in offense, but in the situation where they gave up the lead in the beginning, I thought that I could quickly catch up with easy scoring with a quick attack if I had to defend, so I worked harder with the players in this part. focused,” he said.

He also expressed confidence, saying, “They are very capable players, so if they play one more step and concentrate more when necessary, they will be able to consistently show this level of defensive power.”

Song Gyo-chang, who is raising his body through the D-League, has to pull himself up even more for the upcoming national team call. He has not yet risen to a normal situation. He hasn’t fully adapted from the injury to his left ring finger.

He said, “I had a second finger surgery in September of last year. I’m not 100% yet, so I think I need to adapt more. There are still awkward parts when I dribble or layup with my left hand. I think I am constantly improving my condition with my teammates.”

Even in the game that day, many fans came to Icheon to support Sangmu. Song Gyo-chang expressed his gratitude to the fans who came to Icheon, which had poor access to the match at 2:00 pm on weekdays, and continued to cheer.

Song Gyo-chang said, “Apart from today being Valentine’s Day, there are usually a lot of fans. (Heo) Hoon hyung has so many fans. It seems that more than ever, Sangmu’s seniors are coming. A lot of fans came. I am having fun and enjoying the game even when I am running. I am always grateful.”

Song Gyo-chang, who is scheduled to return to KCC after being discharged in November this year, is watching KBL matches without missing them. Song Gyo-chang expressed his affection for KCC by cheering for his team, which was going through a difficult time recently.

He said, “I think the injury variable is too big. It’s a pity that (Lee) Seung-hyun and (Heo) Woong-hyung’s injuries are injured. Still, I’m rooting for them to be able to go to the playoffs. They’re going back and forth in 6th and 7th place now, but it’s no longer I hope to finish the season without any injuries.”

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