NC Dinos confirmed the team number for the 2023 season. The team’s star players Na Seong-beom (34, KIA) and Yang Eui-ji (36, Doosan) also found new owners.

On the 16th, NC said, “The 2023 season team number, new captain, and new catchphrase will be released.” On this day, NC unveiled the 2023 catchphrase ‘We’re Game Changers’ at the New Year’s party held at the Masan Sports Complex Olympic Memorial Hall.

The number 47 stands out among the uniform numbers. This number was the number of Na Seong-beom, who transferred to KIA through FA ahead of the 2022 season. Early last year, NC designated number 47 as a temporary absence. At the time, the club said, “This is the meaning of gratitude and courtesy to Na Seong-beom, who has been doing his best for the team.”

The new owner of number 47, which was left blank for a year, is Kim Hyung-joon (24), a promising catcher who was discharged from the Sangmu baseball team last year. He, who wore No. 12 (2018) and No. 22 (2019-2020) before his enlistment, will start anew with his new number.

Kim Hyung-joon, who joined in 2018 after going through Sekwangjung-Sekwang, is raising expectations as the team’s future master. In 2020, he entered the Korean Series entry and won the championship ring. He underwent anterior cruciate ligament surgery in August last year and is concentrating on rehabilitation.

Eui-ji Yang’s uniform number 25, which had kept the home for four years, was immediately inherited by outfielder Kim Seong-wook (30) without a temporary absence. He wore number 31 right before his enlistment, and is playing with number 20 for the first time.카지노

Kim Seong-wook, a founding member of NC, is a player who has protected the team’s outfield for many years. He hit double-digit home runs in 2016 (15 home runs) and 2018 (13 home runs) along with excellent outfield defense. Coach Kang In-kwon (51) also said of him, “I have high expectations because I need a young player to support the back of the outfield.”

In addition, catcher Park Se-hyeok (33), who transferred through free agency, was given over to infielder Do Tae-hun (30) and wore the number 10, the original number. Park Se-hyeok said, “I contacted Do Tae-hoon first and asked for it, and I am grateful that he readily listened to it.”

Meanwhile, NC left 33 and 36, the uniform numbers of outfielders Lee Myung-gi (36) and Kwon Hee-dong (33), who are currently not under contract with free agents.

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