‘Mammoth’ Kim Myeong-hwan will not be able to participate in the ‘Goobne Road FC 063’ held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th due to an injury. The confrontation with Shim Geon-oh was canceled.

Kim Myung-hwan was fully prepared until last weekend. On the 18th, he attended the wedding ceremony of Yang Dong-i, the CEO of Double G FC, in good health.

The problem was earlier this week스포츠토토. While training, he seriously injured his arm. In sparring, blocking a tackle and resting his arms on the floor strained his elbow ligaments. It was an injury that required treatment for a while.

Kim Myung-hwan is the Double G FC Heavyweight Champion. This time he was scheduled to appear in Road FC as an assassin for Double G FC. He had great aspirations to expand at Road FC, saying that if he defeated Shim Geon-oh, he would like to face Myung Hyeon-man.

Not only Kim Myung-hwan, but also Road FC and Double G FC are disappointing. This is because it was the first big match that the two organizations worked hand in hand.

Nonetheless, the partnership between the two organizations continues. Instead of Kim Myung-hwan, Azjargal, a Mongolian fighter, decided to face Gun-oh Shim as the representative of Double G FC.

Shim Geon-oh says that there is no problem with the sudden change of partner. “It doesn’t matter who you fight,” he said, foretelling a match against striker Azzar Gal.

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