The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), called the ‘Baseball World Cup’, has begun.

The WBC is a tournament led by the Major League Secretariat and the players’ union, not the International Baseball Federation (IBAF), which mainly hosts international baseball competitions.

In particular, since they have a clear goal of ‘globalization of baseball’, they can determine their nationality based on their parents’ lineage or place of birth, regardless of their current nationality. Until the previous competition, the range was expanded to grandparent lineage, but from this competition, it has been reduced to parents. As a result, Tommy Hyeonsu Edman (St. Louis), whose mother was an immigrant from Korea, was able to join the Korean national team.

The number of participating countries in the finals has been expanded from 16 to 20. The host country will be held in only three countries as in the first tournament, and will be played in the United States (Group C, D and quarterfinals, semifinals, finals), Japan (Group B, quarterfinals), and Taiwan (Group A).

The faces of the players are also gorgeous. Of the 600 players in 20 teams, more than half of them are 332 players who have played or played in the major leagues. Therefore, this tournament is recorded as the tournament with the most participation by major leaguers.

The Korean baseball team belongs to Group B in the first round of the finals, starting with Australia on the 9th, Japan on the 10th, Czech Republic on the 12th, and China on the 13th. All four matches will be held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and only the top two teams out of the five will advance to the second round.

The group round consists of 4 groups, with 5 countries in each group held in a round-robin tournament (5 teams in a full league match). The tiebreaker game, which had been applied until the last tournament, has been abolished, and in the event of a tie in odds, the rankings are determined in the order of winner-win-minimum team run-minimum team earned run-highest team batting average-lots.

Only the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the 2nd round (quarterfinals). The teams from Groups A to B will advance to the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and the teams from Groups C to D will advance to the semifinals through a single match at Londippo Park in Miami, USA.

Even though the WBC is a competition in which pros participate, the cold game rule is applied. This is applicable only in the first round, and if more than 10 points are scored by the 7th inning and 15 points or more by the 5th inning, the game ends after the inning is over.온라인바카라

Throwing restrictions are also strict. It is a measure to protect the pitchers because the tournament is held one month before the start of the regular season. Therefore, you can only throw up to 65 in the first round, 80 in the quarterfinals, and 95 in the semifinals and finals. Here, the pitcher must get on the mound and deal with at least three batters, and the pitch clock timer and defensive shift restrictions do not apply.

Fighting is also virtually impossible. A pitcher who throws more than 50 pitches in a game must take 4 days off, and 30 to 49 pitches or 2 days in a row will take a day off unconditionally. If you play a double header, you are also not allowed to start two games a day.

The match was pulled from the 11th to the 10th in the last tournament. Also, according to major league rules, it starts with only 2nd base, not 1st and 2nd base. Therefore, it is expected that the strong attack strategy will be actively used, away from the

one-sided bunt to send. If a player who played as a batter as well as a starting pitcher comes off the mound, he can continue to play as a designated hitter. This is the so-called ‘Otani Rule’. In addition, the video review, which only referees could request, is extended to the director’s request, and can be used once per game in the 1st and 2nd rounds and twice from the 4th round.

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