Lee Jung-bin (28, Bucheon FC 1995), who was called a “soccer genius,” dreams of a rebound in the 2023 season. 

Lee Jung-bin said at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held in Geoje-si, Gyeongnam on the 13th, “My goal is to play 100 K-League (total) games this season. He has played 79 games so far,” he said. “My personal goal is to finish a season without injury. The team goal is, of course, promotion.”

Lee Jung-bin, who played for FC Anyang 스포츠토토until last year, moved to Bucheon ahead of the new season. He said, “I don’t think there is a player who lags behind Bucheon. I just have to do what I’m good at. I have no worries, but rather have high expectations.” 

He is a midfielder with outstanding offensive talent, but he appeared in 23 K-League 2 games in the 2022 season and failed to record an offensive point. It was because of his poor physical condition. Lee Jung-bin, who was called by Bucheon coach Lee Young-min ahead of the new season, is preparing for an emergency. His physical condition is different from last year. 

Lee Jung-bin, who said, “My injury has improved a lot,” said, “The coach knows what I am good at and helps me to play well. I couldn’t raise my attack points last year, but I think I will raise them a lot this season,” he said, drawing a bright future.

In the past, Lee Jung-bin was called a ‘soccer genius’. Gwang Seong-joong, a youth team member of Incheon United. After going through Daegeongo, he made his professional debut wearing a Pagum (blue + black) uniform. Lee Jeong-bin, who received great expectations from Incheon fans, but failed to establish himself in the first team. In the end, after two and a half seasons, he moved to Anyang and has been playing on the K-League 2 stage all the time.

Lee Jung-bin said, “I have never thought of myself as a soccer genius. He put in a lot of effort and tried to work harder than others. It seems that they liked it,” he said. “I personally think it is lacking. There is still a way to go further, and we have to do better.” 

He hopes to rebound this season. Lee Jung-bin said, “I hope it will be a season where I can make my name known a little more by doing better. During his career as a player, I hope he becomes the player the team needs.”

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