The International Baduk Association will be launched on the 17th with a founding ceremony at the Korea Origin Center. Since its establishment in 2003, it has taken over the organization of the Korean Baduk Society, which has been inactive for the past five years. Nam Chi-hyung (pictured), a baduk professor at Myongji University, was elected as the first president of the society, and Sun Yuan, a professor at Shanghai University of Foreign Studies, and Ohashi 카지노Nihonki 7th Dan served as vice presidents.

Chairman Chi-hyung Nam said, “We will use the International Baduk Society as a base to expand academic exchanges among researchers from each country and diversify the scope of research.” There are many computer science and mathematics majors on the board of directors, so it is a policy to expand AI (artificial intelligence)-related research.

In the first issue of the academic journal to be distributed on the 17th, in addition to 4 planning papers on the theme of ‘Social Function of Baduk’, ‘Go in the Middle East’, ‘History of Joseon Baduk in Jilin Province’, ‘Memoirs of Nam-gyu Baek Noodles’ and ‘Society and Culture of Baduk’ were published.

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