Pitcher Kim Jeong-woon (18), dreaming of debuting in the 1st team at the 2nd division training ground in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, is determined to become a new hero in the new season with a sense of responsibility for being nominated in the first round.

Kim Jeong-woon is a sidearm pitcher who recorded 12 wins and 1 loss and an average ERA of 1.16 in 20 games last year while attending Daegu High School. Based on good physical conditions of 186 cm and 85 kg, he was selected as the best player and received the best player award in the first half of the high school baseball weekend league (Gyeongsang region B). Eventually, in the ‘2023 KBO League Rookie Draft’, he was nominated by KT in the 1st round and 10th place and joined.

Kim Jung-woon said, “I am in good shape. He is managed by systematic training and professional trainers. He does weights in the morning, and in the afternoon he does cardio and strengthens his technique back. He plans to focus on the new season in Iksan before Lunar New Year,” he said. “Recently, I am intensively training on my pitching posture. After being advised that he threw a lot of balls with his upper body, he is learning and mastering how to use his lower body. He’s been training to put more power on the ball end,” he said.

He continued, “(Park) Young-hyeon, who is one year my senior, is getting along well with his brother and other comrades who joined together. He is currently training with trainers, but he met the coach at finish camp. He showed a lot of interest in me, saying that if I trusted him and followed him, he would help me grow into a good player. He has a sense of responsibility for his faith,” he said
. He also confided in his feelings at the time of the draft. At the time of the draft, Kim Jeong-woon was a national youth representative and heard from Florida, USA. 카지노

Kim Jeong-un said, “I was worried that my name wasn’t called until the end of the first round, but it was called dramatically. “I felt like I had the whole world,” he said. “After changing my position to pitcher in middle school, I wanted to join KT, with coach Lee Kang-cheol and senior Koh Young-pyo, as the team that could help me grow the most. Fortunately, it seems that they saw the value of the rarity of being a sidearm pitcher.”

He also said, “I moved my residence to Suwon for the first time after living in only two areas, 16 years in Gyeongju and 3 years in Daegu. It feels good to go up to the metropolitan area. He said, “I don’t think there will be much difficulty in adapting.” It’s not long since he stood out, so it’s hard to believe that he’s come to where he is now. I am looking forward to the future that will unfold.”

Finally, Kim Jeong-woon said, “I hope KT fans will send a lot of support this season. Even if I show a bad side, I will show my best every moment as a rookie, so I hope you look at me cutely,” he said. With the goal of becoming the rookie of the year in 2023, I will do my best to grow into a player who goes beyond KT and leaves a name in the baseball world.”

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