2022 Chinese Gabjo League Postseason
5 Koreans, all wins against Chinese knights

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) Korean knights exploded in the Chinese league. In the 2022 China Gabjo League postseason, which opened on the 9th, five Korean players participated and delivered the news of victory.

The Gabjo League postseason is characterized by two divisions. Depending on their performance in the regular season, the 1st to 8th places will play off for the championship, and the 9th to 16th places will play the remaining playoffs to avoid relegation (two teams).

Two matches are held each round,스포츠토토 and the team with the highest combined individual wins advances to the upper round or decides to remain in the next Gabjo League. In addition, in the second game, a captain’s match is held, and when the combined multiplier is equal, it is used as a criterion for discrimination.

There is a rule against mercenary confrontation, so Korean knights face Chinese knights every time. In the case of a head-to-head match between Korean drivers in the submitted order, the away team will adjust the order.

Korean knights will play an online game against Chinese knights at the Chengdu Games in China at the Seoul Games. In the championship playoff, Park Jeong-hwan 9 dan defeated Han Yizhou 8 dan and Kim Ji-seok 9 dan defeated Xu Jiayang 9 dan. Their respective teams also won 3-1.

In the remaining playoffs, Byeon Sang-il 9 dan, Shin Min-jun 9 dan, Kang Dong-yoon 9 dan defeated Jiang Wei-je 9 dan, Sha Tiankun 7 dan, and Hwang Ming-yu 5 dan, respectively. Byeon Sang-il’s Longwon Hangzhou and Shin Min-jun’s Lezhao drew 2-2, and Lhasa, which only Kang Dong-yoon won, lost to Shanghai Konkyo Academy 1-3.

The second round will be held on the 10th. The individual matchups of Korean players are Park Jeong-hwan-Gu Zi-hao (8:2), Byeon Sang-il-Zhang Wei-je (2:2), Kang Dong-yoon-Li Wei-qing (1:1), Shin Min-jun-Jin Yu-cheong (0:0), Kim Ji-seok- Tan Xiao (4:3, relative statistics in parentheses).

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