Featherweight Kim Sang-won struggled a bit early on. Japan’s Keisuke Sasu came out unexpectedly strong, stepping on the forward stance.

However, Kim, who had the advantage in striking, gradually closed the distance and silenced Sasu with a powerful right midway through the second.스포츠토토

Kim unleashed a dashing, pounding attack on the downed Sasu, who was hit by a counter punch, and the referee quickly stopped the fight, signalling a TKO.

In the flyweight division, Choi was pushed around by the powerful Indian Sumit Kumar in the first round. Kumar pushed Choi with a wild attack, landing takedowns from time to time.

However, Choi Seung-guk, who is one step ahead in terms of game management, fought back in the second to set the tone and take the win.

‘Higher Rapper’ Lee Jung-hyun fought well for a youngster, but was unable to keep up with Klimako’s performance and lost a decision.

In the non-tournament, welterweight Kim Hansul was knocked out in the second round by an elbow strike from young Chinese prospect Nual Azi.

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